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May 24, 2015

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Christine McVie Unlikely To Return To Fleetwood Mac

Christine McVie Unlikely To Return To Fleetwood Mac

While the Rolling Stones have invited ex-band members to take part in the group's "50 and Counting" shows, Lindsey Buckingham says Fleetwood Mac fans shouldn't expect to see former singer and keyboardist Christine McVie returning for any of his group's upcoming shows. The guitarist tells CBS Local he'd be "shocked" if Christine "ever expressed any interest" in working with the group again. He says when McVie left the band in 1998 she didn't just sever ties with Fleetwood Mac but with all aspects of the life she'd been leading, explaining that she divorced her husband, sold her Los Angeles home, moved back to England, and sold her publishing rights. While Buckingham says Christine "wanted to reinvent herself," he believes she "didn't necessarily have to burn as many bridges as she did" in order to do so.

Lindsey adds that he'd be "pleased" to have McVie back in the fold, but admits that "in many ways" he's "having a better time" with Fleetwood Mac as a foursome. He explains that without the keyboards the guitar gets more of the spotlight, and it "opens up a range of things" he can do musically. Fleetwood Mac recently announced plans for a 2013 tour. The spring trek is slated to begin in Columbus, Ohio on April 4th.

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