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May 28, 2015

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Bon Jovi's "Evolution" Evident On New Album

Bon Jovi's "Evolution" Evident On New Album

Guitarist Richie Sambora says Bon Jovi's new album isn't exactly like the group's previous releases. The rocker tells that "What About Now?" reflects an "evolution" for the group. He explains that they don't deviate too much from their signature sound, because that's simply what comes out when he and frontman Jon Bon Jovi perform together. But Richie says they've tinkered with the production, explaining that for some tracks they've pushed it "a bit more" and with others they've lessened it to make the songs "a bit more naked." Sambora adds that with the music they've "stripped it down, taken some away and added some different elements." Meanwhile, he says the album's lyrical content is "very positive" and "all empowering."

The lead-off release from "What About Now?" will be the song "Because We Can," which will arrive on January 7th. The album is also expected to hit stores early next year, but an exact date hasn't been announced yet. "What About Now?" is the band's follow up to 2009's "The Circle." Bon Jovi will launch their "Because We Can" tour in Uncasville, Connecticut on February 9th.

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