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May 30, 2015

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The Chamber Brothers' Lester Chambers Forging A Grassroots Comeback

The Chamber Brothers' Lester Chambers Forging A Grassroots Comeback

The man who sang the 1968 classic "Time Has Come Today" is launching a comeback, and making a statement in the process. CNN says the career revival of the Chambers Brothers' Lester Chambers was sparked by his participation in the "I Am the 99 Percent" movement. For that effort he posted a photo of his gold record, and a note explaining that despite having a lasting hit from the '60s he's struggling to get by. The note added that he didn't "squander" his money "on drugs or a fancy home" but that he's a victim of the music industry, which for decades has severely underpaid him for his work. Chambers tells CNN that the five group members were given a total of four-thousand-dollars for the use of "Time Has Come Today" in the video game "Homefront," while the game has sold nearly three-million copies since its release last year.

But in addition to making a point, Chambers' "I Am the 99 Percent" photo attracted the attention of Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Ohanian is now helping Lester raise money through Kickstarter to make a new album, and the campaign has been a success. Chambers hoped to raise 39-thousand-dollars for the project, and he's well surpassed his goal. He's received pledges totalling more than 52-thousand-dollars since launching the month-long fundraising effort on December 10th.

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