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May 26, 2015

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Candles Light Up Osbourne Home, Fire Dept. Called

Candles Light Up Osbourne Home, Fire Dept. Called

A candle sparked a fire that sent the Beverly Hills Fire Department to Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's home early Thursday morning, but Sharon is taking the blame for the blaze. On yesterday's episode of CBS' "The Talk," she explained that she had left a candle burning overnight and the heat built up in the glass vase, causing it to burst -- setting the room on fire in the process. She said she and Ozzy tried to put out the fire themselves but their efforts looked like something you'd see on "The Three Stooges." She admits they were "like two idiots" who did all the wrong things and just made the situation worse. Sharon added that Ozzy was injured in the process. She said his eyebrows and hair below his ears are now gone, his cheeks were singed, and his hand was injured. Osbourne also praised the local firefighters, who managed to contain the blaze before any significant damage was done.

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