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May 29, 2015

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Listen to Phil Abbot, weekday mornings at 6:40 & 7:40 to win great prizes in ‘How You Say Dat’ and the Brainbuster Trivia Quiz! 

Tom Moffatt





The man who IS rock and roll in Hawaii can only be heard on one radio station every Saturday morning!  Join the legendary Uncle Tom Moffatt Saturday mornings from 8 until noon for another fun 4 hours inside the Rock And Roll Drive In!  Step inside the 'Vinyl Vault' at 8am and into another fun countdown from one of your favorite years in music!  Stay tuned for 'Uncle Tom's Datebook' and a 'Fun Song' and test your skills at finding buried treasure during 'Uncle Tom's Treasure Hunt' shortly after 10AM.  And don't forget...Uncle Tom's got the biggest musical menu in all Hawaii for you to place your request...and he plays those requests all morning long!  It's our favorite time of the week...Saturday mornings in the Rock And Roll Drive-In with Uncle Tom on Oldies 107.9!!! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO EMAIL UNCLE TOM YOUR REQUESTS OR DEDICATIONS FOR ROCK AND ROLL DRIVE-IN, CLICK HERE.

To read Uncle Tom's Gabbin' from this week's issue of The Midweek, CLICK HERE.

To order a copy of Uncle Tom's book "Showman Of The Pacific", CLICK HERE.  By ordering through this link and using the coupon code "OLDIES", you'll recieve 25% off the price!

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